Vendor Information

The Mountain Mamas desire to promote individual creativity by providing a pleasurable sales atmosphere at our Fair.  To this end, we ask that all items for sale be the work of the registrant.  Craft items must be hand crafted, not merely assembled from manufactured parts.  Artwork may include prints of original paintings, photographic works and multiple castings from original artist created molds.  Jewelry vendors will be pre-juried.  We allow only hand faceted, hand designed and hand made items.  All clothing items must be either hand made, and painted, hand screened or hand stenciled.  Sawtooth Valley residents and/or organizations will have priority for food booths.  As food booths are limited, we will not duplicate main item foods such as beer hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

Vendor Application

Click below to download the fair application as well as the fairgrounds map. Please be aware that any applications post marked BEFORE March 17th will NOT be accepted. All Applications that are submitted should be mailed to PO Box 33A, Stanley, ID 83278 and should include a check for the booth fee.

10' x 10' Booth Space


10' x 15' Booth Space


10' x 20' Booth Space


All corner sports are an additional $50

Vendor applications will be mailed on March 15th.  Please call 386-314-1805 or send e-mail to to be added to the list to receive a vendor application.  No early Applications will be accepted.

Contact Information - Call Kay Davies at 386-314-1805 or email