Annual T-Shirt Design Contest!


2019 T-Shirt and Poster Design Contest Rules

The artwork chosen as the winner for the 2019 Sawtooth Mountain Mamas Arts and Crafts Fair will be used on 2019 T-Shirts, advertising, communications and other purposes decided upon by the fair committee.

The winner of the contest will receive $250, after signing over rights for the artwork to the Sawtooth Mountain Mamas.

Designs with a rustic, animal or nature inspired look are desired. Designs concerning the Fair are also acceptable. We are striving to keep a 'local' feel of Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains. 

Hand drawn art is preferable, but we will accept other formats. Computer generated designs must be in a VECTOR PDF FORMAT and look as through it were a hand drawn photo.

Artwork must be black and white and the artwork will be screen printed onto t-shirts of various colors, including black. 

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Artwork is suggested to be acceptable to both men and women when put on a shirt. 

Designs will not be returned following the judging, but held for future years, if needed. Therefore keep a copy of the design for yourself if you may want it at a future date

Further information:

Submit your entries to: Sawtooth Mountain Mamas, P.O. Box 33 A
Stanley, ID 83278

DEADLINE: February 1, 2019