Cowboy Gathering Overview


The Stanley Cowboy Gathering

The Stanley Cowboy Gathering started 6 years ago as a true western place where ranchers and cowboys could gather to share poems about their lives working cattle. From the first gathering, it was clear these men and women have a true passion for their poetry and western music. As some years has passed, the gathering continues to grow with more Western poets, musicians, artisans and storytellers, sharing their creativity. They're telling their stories of hard work, heartbreak and hilarity, and what it means to make your way in the rangeland West.

The Stanley Cowboy Gathering isn't of national stature but we sure embrace the wild wild west! Stanley Idaho embraces its role a serene destination for it's performers and our visitors.  The Stanley Cowboy Gathering takes place over Labor Day weekend and is full of poetry, music, dancing, and the wild west experience of Idaho. Join us in Stanley, Idaho, and celebrate the arts and cultures of the wild west.

Join us for the 6 annual Stanley Cowboy Gathering, September 1-September 3, 2017. We’ll be enjoying our weekend full of music and stories—first-hand accounts, narratives passed down and around, and undoubtedly a fabulous yarn or two. All around Stanley you’ll experience today’s revival of storytelling through poetry, song, video, visual art, new media and more. You can look forward to tales rich with lessons learned, risk-taking, humor, heroes, neighbors and family.

Planning your first trip to the Stanley Cowboy Gathering? There are no tickets needed, just a small donation at our shows. For more information on attending the cowboy gathering and visiting Stanley, click here.