Stanley, Idaho - Saturday, July 18, 2020

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  •  Amateur bakers only!

  •  Submit 24 cookies individually wrapped and each labeled with cookie name (indicate if glu-ten-free) WITHOUT BAKER’S NAME IDENTIFIED. Place in a not-returnable container. Five cookies will be judged and the remaining cookies will be sold at the Sawtooth Moun-tain Mamas’ Arts and Crafts Fair tent and regarded as a donation.

  • Minimum size: 2 inches in diameter.

  •  Any type of cookie accepted, but MAY NOT CONTAIN peanut butter or nuts.

  •  Entries must be accompanied by a completed Cookie Contest Entry Form (see below).

  •  Cookies must be delivered by 10 am on Saturday, July 20th to Sawtooth Mountain Mamas’ Arts and Crafts Fair tent.


 4 judges from the Stanley area will judge cookies based on:

  •  Taste (50%)

  • Appearance (20%)

  •  Texture (20%)

  • Creativity of cookie name (10%)


 The winner can claim bragging rights!

  • 1st prize: $100 cash and $30 gift card from Stanley Baking Company

  •  2nd prize: $50 cash and T-shirt from Stanley Baking Company

  •  3rd prize: $25 cash and T-shirt and hat from The River Company


First Place: Jana Miller “Float Your Boat Root Beer Cookies” of Lower Stanley, Idaho

Second Place: Colleen Fulkerson “Narrow Rough Roads” of Clayton, Idaho

Third Place: Ava Harris “Nectar Nest Honey Cookie” of Stanley, Idaho

Video and Photos — by William Kulewicz of Concord, Massachusetts. William is fifteen years old and attends Concord-Carlyle High School in Concord. He loves photography of all types, is the goalie for his school’s soccer team, and the grandson of a Sawtooth Mountain Mama.