Stanley, Idaho - Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Amateur Bakers only

Submit 24 cookies in a non-returnable container/tray, individually wrapped and labeled    with cookie name (indicate if gluten-free) in a zip lock bag without baker identified –         three cookies will be judged and the remaining cookies will be sold at the Sawtooth     Mountain Mamas Fair tent and regarded as a donation

Minimum size 2” in diameter

 Any type cookie accepted, but MAY NOT contain peanut butter or nuts

Entries accompanied by a completed Cookie Contest Entry Form

 Cookies, delivered by 10AM on Saturday, July 21st to Sawtooth Mountain Mamas Fair tent


 Three judges: a representative each from the City of Stanley, Volunteer Fire Department and Stanley Baking Company & Café.


              Taste (50%)

              Appearance (20%)

              Texture (20%)

             Creativity of cookie name (10%) 


   The winner can claim bragging rights!

             First Prize: Breakfast for two at the Stanley Baking Co. & Café

                                     and $100 cash

              Second Prize: Stanley Baking Co. & Café T-Shirt

              Third Prize: Sawtooth Mountain Mamas Fair T-Shirt