Sawtooth Mountain Mama Arts and Crafts Fair

The Sawtooth Mountain Mama Arts and Crafts Fair was begun 41 years ago by a group of women from the Sawtooth Valley who came together to raise funds to contribute to organizations in the Valley, to support Valley organizations and to be a social network for the women of the Valley.  Membership is open to any woman in the Valley who is interested in the goals of the group or is just interested in making new friends.

The Arts and Crafts Fair is the major fund raising activity of the Mountain Mamas.  It is held the 3rd weekend of July each year and is looked forward to by all in the community as more than just a fund raiser.  It is a chance for Valley residents to visit and become reacquainted, as well as allowing us to show off all the area has to offer.  Each year the group is able to donate to many area groups and also help those in need.

The Fair is located in the center of town on an area owned by and next to the Mt. Village. The Fair has grown during the years and now has 149 booth spaces, which allows a very diverse variety of products and vendors.  All items sold must be hand made by the vendor and include such things as jewelry, spices, art work, games, clothing and furniture.  We also hope to add freshly grown produce this year.  There is a large area of food and drink vendors that everyone enjoys.  There is nothing better than having a great meal while listening to the musicians who perform country music.  --- See Fair Gallery Here.

The Fair is also a favorite of the vendors.  Most of the new vendors learn about it from other vendors who recommend it to them.  They look forward to it each year, as a great weekend in a beautiful location while visiting many happy and friendly locals and visitors.  Many of the vendors make motel reservations for the next year when they leave, as they don’t want to miss the next year’s Fair.

We are also hoping to start having a Cookie Contest this year to find the best homemade cookies around.  And then they can be bought from the Mt. Mama Booth.  Come and visit the Fair, enjoy a visit with the many vendors, enjoy a tasty treat and local music and best of all take in the beautiful scenery.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2017 

9 AM to 4 PM